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Owners Lowell and Diahn

Owners Lowell and Diahn Gibson

About Us is a owned and operated by Recognition Specialties Inc.

We are committed to producing high quality Canvas Wraps that are guaranteed to satisfy.

We are based out of the picturesque town of Grants Pass in Oregon's Rogue Valley. Currently we are comprised of 20 hard working individuals who take pride in our work.

Our 4,000 sq. ft. plant located at 1710 Harbeck Rd. (off Williams Hwy) consists of a showroom, office space and production area. We provide products to customers across the country and in other countries around the world. As there is no sales tax in Oregon we are able to provide our products sales tax-free.

If you ever find yourself in Southern Oregon, be sure to take in the beautiful sights and activities including the beautiful green scenery, fly fishing or rafting the mighty Rogue River, the Shakespeare Theater in Ashland, and of course a tour of our facilities! We look forward to seeing you!

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